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Filter Plates

Filter Plates

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G Bopp & Co Ltd offers a specialist service for:
  • Supply of new filter plates to individual customer specifications
  • Remeshing of existing filter plates
  • Range of designs to suit different applications/environments
  • Extensive selection of filter cloths in all types and weaves available ex-stock

Fast turnaround remeshing service includes collection from and delivery to customer premises using our own specialist transport.

G Bopp & Co Ltd offers a dedicated repair facility for Nutsche filters used predominantly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

Nutsche Filters perform a range of demanding tasks in these industries, and downtime for repairs can be costly in terms of both materials and lost production. 

Bopp’s new service provides an expert repair facility, carried out on-site wherever possible, designed to ensure the equipment is up and running to specification quickly and reliably.

All repairs are carried out using precision, high quality sintered materials produced in Switzerland by parent company G Bopp & Co AG. 

Bopp enjoys a history of documented successful Nutsche filter repairs, both in the UK and in Europe, working with a team of specialists and backed up by Swiss technical expertise.

Working to tight time schedules, Bopp has the capability to handle these complex repairs on-site, or can remove the unit to workshops for refurbishment where required.

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