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Information on BOPP’s situation during the COVID-19 pandemic
Faced with the rapid spread of COVID-19, BOPP has undertaken a number of measures in order to limit the proliferation of the virus, to protect our employees and at the same time to ensure business continuity.
At BOPP, we take our social responsibilities very seriously and are adhering strictly to the guidance of the World Health Organisation and our own local health authorities.
We have:
  • ...altered our working environment to enable all employees to practise social distancing
  • ...provided all employees with sanitising agents and are disinfecting critical areas twice a day
  • ...sent home all employees who are considered to be at risk
  • ...cancelled all visits to customer premises and also all customer visits to BOPP sites. This also applies to suppliers and other business partners.
In all countries where we have subsidiaries, BOPP has ‚essential business‘ status because we supply vital sectors of the economy such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs. As a result, BOPP remains active even in countries with a ‚Stay Home‘ ruling in place. Continuing to supply these industries during the current crisis is a top priority for us. 
We are doing our very best to maintain our worldwide supply chain, and look forward to being there for you in person again as soon as possible. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us via telephone or email.
Stay healthy.
The BOPP Team

14 April 2020