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Technical Data SD

We use only the best raw materials in the world for our fine meshes, mostly drawn in-house to exacting wire diameters down to 15 microns. These premium wires are then woven in cleanroom conditions in a special air conditioned building, using state-of-the-art looms developed in house by our own specialists. For particularly challenging applications, these fine meshes can be cleaned and inspected electronically using purpose-designed equipment, also developed in-house. These exhaustive levels of quality assurance and process reliability guarantee a premium value end product and 100% reproducibility.
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BOPP SD stainless steel meshes are always manufactured using DIN 1.4301/AISI 304 and held in stock. Other materials/alloys such as DIN 1.4401/AISI 316 are available on request.

Mesh Dimensions

Standard widths:
  • 1020 mm / 40“
  • 1220 mm / 48“
  • 1530 mm / 60“
  • Other widths available on request
Roll lengths:
  • 30,50 m standard, longer rolls available on request
  • 15,25 m für Feinstgewebe, 500 Mesh und feiner
  • 50,00 m for glass printing

Mesh types and applications


Mechanical Properties

In comparison with synthetics, stainless steel meshes exhibit the highest levels of flexural strength and the least percentage of elongation in terms of elastic yield point.
When printing on non-absorbent substrates, off contact distance should be used. The selected off contact distance must allow the screen directly behind the squeegee to detach from the substrate. Only then will the screen detach cleanly and completely from the ink, a prerequisite for a sharp print with even colour lay down.
The required off contact distance is determined by three factors:
  • Mesh tension
  • Rheology (ink viscosity)
  • Squeegee speed



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