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Choosing the right mesh

There are several basic principles involved in choosing the right mesh.
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This determines the size of the particles to be eliminated. We offer as standard meshes from 16mm to 20 microns (0.020mm) compliant with ISO standard 4783. Where screening requires very tight tolerances, the manufacturing tolerances of the mesh must also be taken into consideration.

wire diameter

Selecting the wire diameter involves a number of different considerations. The thicker the wire, the stronger and more robust the mesh. On the other hand, a thicker wire will reduce the open area and therefore reduce performance.
Reducing the wire diameter whilst maintaining the same aperture size increases the number of apertures within a defined surface area. Both performance and efficiency will increase.


The most popular material is stainless steel to DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304) or DIN 1.4401 (AISI 316); selected specifications are also available in chrome steel to DIN 1.4016 (AISI 430).

Mesh dimensions

Standard withs
  • 1020 mm / 40“
  • 1220 mm / 48“
  • 1530 mm / 60“
  • Other withs available on request.

Roll lengths

  • 30,50 m Standard, länger Rollen auf Anfrage
  • Individual pieces cut to size are also available.

International standards for steel meshes

  • ISO 2194: Wire screens and plate screens for industrial purposes – nominal sizes of apertures
  • ISO 4782: Metal wire for industrial screens and woven wire cloth
  • ISO 4783: Industrial wire screens and woven wire cloth – Guide to the choice of aperture size and wire diameter combinations
  • ISO 9044: Industrial woven wire cloth – Technical requirements and testing
  • ISO 565: Test sieves – Woven metal wire cloth and perforated plate – Nominal size of apertures
  • ISO 3310-1: Test sieves – Technical requirements and testing

mesh selection

In many cases, the right specification can only be decided after carrying out trials.
As the open area is influenced directly or indirectly by the service life of the screen, this is illustrated in the following table..



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