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Diverse Applications

BOPP SI steel meshes are recommended and used across the globe by leading screening machine manufacturers, in equipment for both wet and dry screening, in vibration and eddy current screening, in the production of:
  • Chemical products
  • Foodstuffs and spices
  • Stone and soil preparation (minerals, diamond sizing, ores, alumina)
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Wood and chipboard (separation of flakes and fillers)
  • Paper (screening out flakes, colour coating processes)
  • Metal powders (precision screening of metallic powders)
  • Rubber
  • Feedstuffs (dedusting pellets, screening out crumbs, molasses-based feedstuffs)
  • Fertilisers (phosphates, potash, Kali, urea, compost)
  • Sugar and salt (sizing)
  • Recycling
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BOPP test sieves

Particle size distribution impacts upon the quality and the properties of solids. A consistent grain size distribution guarantees consistent product quality. Reliable control of the grain size distribution is therefore essential.

  • BOPP test sieve meshes deliver precise and reproducible results
  • Our range of test sieve meshes meets the requirements of ISO 3310-1
  • Where required, we deliver test sieve meshes complete with inspection documentation and aperture size certification

The perfect tool: the BOPP mesh counter

The mesh counter developed by BOPP facilitates the identification of 20 to 635 meshes. Key benefits include:
  • Extremely precise checking thanks to x50 magnification with good depth of field, gauge and measuring scale integrated into the viewfinder
  • Easy and practical to handle
  • Robust construction
NB: The mesh counter will only determine mesh count over a given distance. It is also important to note the regularity of the weave.

Suitable applications: Fabrication and screen tensioning

Professional handling of high value screening meshes is as important as the mesh itself. For replacement parts, many of our customers rely on our years of experience. We offer a comprehensive service, including:

  • Tensioning from new in all sizes up to 2600mm
  • Retensioning of frames delivered in to our premises, removal and disposal of old meshes, cleaning and inspection of frames
  • Bonded, welded or press fitted formats as well as bespoke processes to customer specifications
  • Optimum tensioned values, no distortion
  • High value, precise and clean processes, from one-offs through to mass production
  • Logistics services including storage and delivery of replacement parts
We are pleased to provide support and advice on ways to improve the screening process and to optimise quality and economy.
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