About BOPP

Our business model


After four generations of ownership by the Bopp family, all company shares have been incorporated into the newly-established «Peter Bopp Foundation for Research and Technology». This move guarantees independence for the BOPP Group into the future.

The Best Employees
Around 480 people around the world are responsible for BOPP’s success, 230 located in Switzerland.

Financial Resources
BOPP is built on rock solid financial foundations. We cover our financial requirements almost exclusively from our own capital.

Widely Diversified
With meshes used in almost all manufacturing sectors, we are largely unaffected by business cycle fluctuations. Weakening of specific sectors is offset by concurrent periods of strength for others

Long term thinking
With a company history which goes back 140 years, it is in our DNA to think long term. For investment in plant and machinery, buildings and people.

Strong Partnerships
We forge close partnership relationships with our suppliers and service providers. This means we combine their strengths with our own to achieve optimal quality for our customers.

Our lean and powerful structure enables us to be flexible and fast to respond to changing customer requirements and queries.