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Acknowledged worldwide as one of the leading manufacterers of precision woven steel mesh, we recognise that in the end and for every application, it is only the result that counts and that the weakest link in the production chain determines the quality. Naturally, only the best raw materials in the world are good enough for our meshes, and of course we weave using the finest wires, exclusively under cleanroom conditions, using state of the art weaving machines we have developed ourselves. It goes without saying that the associated cleaning processes and quality control are equally at state of the art levels.    

However, in itself, the perfect mesh does not create applications; alongside continuous development of mesh properties, processing the materials has also become extremely challenging. As a process-oriented supplier, we have incorporated the constantly changing demands of our customers into the technological processes of our modern fabrications capabilities. Together with decades of experience in mesh technology, we are in a position to secure efficient and economical processing capabilities, without the mesh properties being adversely affected.

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Working with total accuracy, our specially trained workforce fabricate the meshes for all imaginable applications such as cutting, stamping, forming, deep drawing, tensioning, welding and edging. This work includes heat treatments such as sintering, tension free bonding and surface treatments as well as calendering using a high performance calendering machine developed in-house. The key factors here are quality, efficiency and economy. Prototypes are produced meticulously and professionally by hand, whilst for volume production we design task-specific semi or fully automated production modules.      

For many of our customers, we are now key suppliers of replacement parts. At short notice, they call off from our modern logostics centre rolls of mesh produced to individual customer specifications, mesh sections precisely cut to size and also ready-made components, thereby reducing maintenance downtime for their equipment. 


Naturally, BOPP customers have to access our experience of applications using mesh in the most diverse environments across the globe. This enables us to actively support potential process optimisation. 

Together with our Head Office and production facility in Wolfhalden, BOPP has subsidiaries in Germany, England, Sweden, the United States, Korea and China as well as a network of representatives worldwide. 

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