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G. BOPP + Co. AG is one of the world’s leading producers of precision woven wire meshes, with branches in Switzerland, Germany, England, Italy, Sweden, USA, Korea and China. Fabricated products are utilised in almost all areas of industry, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, glass, ceramics, plastics, mechanical engineering, paper, environmental technology and even space travel.

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For decades, G. BOPP + CO. AG has been a world leader in the production of steel mesh for challenging and diverse applications. When the business was founded back in 1881, it was all about the production of high value, robust and reliable screens and filters; today, our meshes are often vital components in highly complex processes, both in industry and in the field of research and development. Recognising that even the best can be improved upon, we make it our goal to question even the most established processes for every opportunity that arises, developing new and often unconventional solutions. An increasing number of customers now rely not just on our premium meshes, but also demand innovative approaches to achieve production-related and economically measurable improvements. With our decades of experience, our state of the art production equipment and our total commitment, we aim to exceed rather than just meet expectations.

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