BOPP SC-Technologies

BOPP Selective Coating Technologies make it possible to apply the coating specifically to the mesh only where it is needed. As a complement to the existing full-surface hydrophobic HC8 coating, our SC-Hydrophilic and SC-Black technologies can even be combined with the existing range, adding their properties to an unbeatable coating offer.

BOPP's SC-Technologies are also PFAS-free!

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BOPP SC hydrophilic coating breaks the surface tension of liquids on the mesh. This facilitates improved absorption over uncoated mesh. This effect also helps PSA tapes to achieve visibly stronger adhesion to the mesh.

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Selectively applied shades of black and discreet grey scales expand application potential – regardless of whether you want to highlight, conceal or label the mesh.

Further details and technical data can be found in our brochure.

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