Complex 3D forming is a supreme discipline. No other type of manufacturing presents such advanced challenges for our skills than highly complex shapes, which are obviously produced completely in accordance with your individual specifications. Whether it involves deep drawing, pleating, edging, welding and/or many other manufacturing techniques – we are without doubt the best equipped to manage these projects, in terms of both skills and technologies.

To maintain the highest levels of quality control and provide you with optimum process security, we operate a comprehensive range of test facilities, covering the entire spectrum from initial samples through to fully automated 100% control, even for large volume production runs. Where required, we can supply the relevant test certification for every batch.    

According to specification, our specialists process our meshes into shaped parts to match your requirements. These include:    

  • Highly complex 3D parts
  • Filter candles
  • Star filters
  • Pleated filters
  • Discs
  • Filter drums
  • Deep drawn components
  • And many more
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